Care & Safety

At Little Light House we make our lampshades to last, however they are delicate items and should be handled with care.

We hold your child's safety as paramount, and provide these safety instructions with your purchase :-

  • Please keep your lampshades out of reach of little children because rough or excessive handling could damage the product. Our lampshades are for decorative lighting purposes only, they are not toys to be played with.
  • Special consideration should be given to the purchase and placement of lampshades with pompoms, beading, or any other trimming as these might come off with the help of little hands and pose the risk of choking.
  • Dust is the enemy of lampshades. Little Light House lampshades require a regular light dusting. Do not clean with water or any liquids, this will leave a mark on the lampshade.
  • We recommend the use of a maximum 40 watt light bulb. This lower wattage will prolong the life of the shade, and prevent any discolouration.
  • As with the use of any electrical appliance, parental supervision is required when children are using their lamp.

Electrical Safety

All electrical products sold by us meet the strict Australian Safety Standards for electrical goods.  We offer the following information with regards to any electrical appliance :

.  Use the appliance only for its intended purpose;

.  If the appliance is for indoor use only, do not use outdoors.  All our products are intended for indoor use.

.  Do not use in or around any water/liquids.

Do not use a damaged appliance.  If you drop, break, damage the lamp base or appliance then do not use it.  Take it to a licenced electrician for testing/repairs.

Young children should not be allowed to play with the appliance (lamp).

.  The plug must be removed from the socket-outlet before any cleaning or maintenance is done.

.  If the supply cord or plug is damaged:

   a) the manufacturer, its service agent or a similarly qualified person must replace the cord to prevent an accident;

   b) appliances with specially prepared cords must be replaced by a special cord or assembly available from the manufacturer or its service agent.

   c) other appliances that have a supply cord that cannot be replaced should be scrapped.

.  The appliance should be maintained in order to ensure a long, useful life and to protect the operator against electric shock or mechanical mishaps.

.  A Safety Switch is a legal requirement for all houses.  You can also buy a portable safety switch to plug an appliance into, which will protect that item plugged into it.

.  By Law all electrical work must be carried out by a licenced eletrical contractor.  NEVER attempt to do your own electrical work.  It is dangerous, illegal, and can be fatal. 

   We advise you to always get a licenced electrician to do any electrical work.  Do not DIY.


Little Light House provides these care and safety instructions for your well-being, and cannot be held responsible if this advice is not followed.

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