Lampshade information and sizes


"In a world full of mass production, handmade is the one true luxury." Anon.


General Information :

Lighting is an important aspect of every room and every home.  Our lampshades are a fun way to introduce colour and vitality into your living spaces, with the added bonus of playing an important role in a room, that is lighting it up!

We custom make our shades in all of the fabrics shown on our website, or you can supply your own fabric.  Our's are mostly imported fabrics, therefore providing you with unique decorator pieces not seen elsewhere, and they all look fabulous!

We provide a range of lampshade sizes and shapes (see below), if you don't see what you are looking for, then please contact us and we can work together to meet your needs.


Care and Cleaning :

Our lovely shades do need to be treated with gentleness!  Be very careful not to squash or bend the shades as the plastic lining will crease and leave a permanent white mark on the inside of the shade.  They are not a toy, and won't survive rough handling.  A regular and gentle dusting will remove the build up of dust which occurs on all lampshades.  Do not use water or liquids to clean the fabric side of the shade, this will leave a wet stain. 


Electrics and Bulbs:

Pendant/ceiling shades are designed to be used with your existing electrical ceiling suspension cord.  Speak to your electrician about having one installed if you haven't got one already in place.

It is recommended that you use no higher than an 11W CFL (60W incandescent) bulb in smaller (ie 8 inch to 12 inch diameter) shades, and no higher than a 15W (75W) in larger (ie 14 inch or 16 inch) diameter shades. But, you should check on your lamp base for the recommended wattage requirements also.  We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the use of inappropriate bulbs. 



Our drum shaped lampshades are a contemporary look and a very popular shape, and we offer them in 8" (20.5cm) diameter, 10" (25.5cm) diameter, 12" (30.5cm) diameter, 14" (35.5cm) diameter, 16" (40.5cm) diameter and larger if required, or any other size in between! The heights for these diameters can be adjusted to suit the fabric pattern repeats, and your needs in particular.  We also provide the traditional shapes of Empire, Cone, Hood, etc.  All our lampshades are handmade in the hardbacked style.

Our lampshades are made to fit a standard Australian light fitting (having a 29mm inner fitting ring).  The larger Euro sized fittings (42mm fitting ring) require a special lampshade fitting - please advise if you have larger Euro fittings (such as Ikea fittings, or LED fittings).  We can certainly make our any of our shades with the larger Euro fitting if required.  Our shades will fit onto lamp bases with the Australian sized light bulb section.  You can find lamp bases to suit at other lighting stores, or stores like Target, Freedom, etc.

Shown above our our Cone shaped shade, our Hood shaped shade, and our Empire shaped lampshade - all on the discontinued Windsor lamp base. 


Shown above is our 14" (35.5cm) diameter floor/pendant shade on the table; our 16" (41cm) diameter pendant shade is hanging; our 7" (18cm) Cylinder shade and our 8" (20.5cm) Drum shade on the discontinued Windsor bases.  Next image shows "Bright Bubbles" in 10" size and 8" size.  The 12" diameter sized shades are good for floor lamps, or larger/chunkier table lamps which you might have.

Please contact us if you want any of our fabrics made in any of these shapes shown above, or something completely different! 



Diffusers are an optional extra.  Our removable diffusers are used to screen the bottom of a pendant shade in order to hide the light fitting and subdue the light/glare. They are made to order to suit the pendant shade required.  Using a frosted light bulb can reduce glare also, or a dimmer switch.


The Life of the shade:

Lampshades do not have an infinite life span, and over the years the plastic lining may discolour/yellow slightly due to exposure to sunlight and UVA/UBA from light bulbs. This is classified as general wear and tear and does not render the shades suitable for returns/refunds.


A note about striped fabrics:

Striped fabrics can be used either vertically or horizontally for totally different looks.  Stripes generally only work on drum/straight sided shades, not Cone styles.


Hopefully this answers some of your questions, but please don't hesitate to contact us with any queries you might have!


Let's be social :


We have a range of wire letters, wire numbers and shapes available for hire for your next event/party/wedding!